People are coming with an unprecedented craze for vaping. The main reason is that they are comparatively less risky than the normal cigars that people have been using all the while and also it kindles a lot of excitement and people are very much interested in consuming them. This interest has taken off to the next level, and they are also interested in making their own e-juices. E-juice is the component that created the vapor inside your cigar. So here we are going to jot down for you some simple steps that will help you make your own cigars.

Things you need:

PG and VG, also known by their abbreviated names propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, are the primary ingredients of ejuice that have to add in the right ratio to make things work your way. They are nothing but the chemical components that act as a substitute for the 5000 other chemicals that are present in actual cigarettes.

Vodka: Cigarettes are nothing without the addiction that they cater and that is why we are talking about Vodka here. You can also use distilled water instead of vodka.

Flavoring: The best part of ejuice is that you get them in unimaginable flavors and if you are going to make them on your own, then there is no end to creativity.

Nicotine Liquid: Of course, you cannot do away with this one product. If it a cigar, irrespective of whether it is normal or electronic, you shall have to add the nicotine agent, and that is when you call it a cigar.

Apart from these preparing agents listed above, you will also need supplies like plastic bottles, syringes, tissue papers, face mask and a pair of gloves.



It is a five-step process, and that is simple

Prepare the Nicotine:

The first step in making your own e-juice is to prepare the nicotine. Nicotine is a strong base, and it is important that you take care of the proportion in which you add it to the juice. It largely depends on your requirement and the nicotine base has to be prepared first.

Get the flavours ready:

The next thing is to get your flavouring base ready. The earlier you add, the better it gets into the e-juice. Also, the proportion in which you have to add should not exist 10% to a maximum of 20% of the total composition. However, in certain cases, if the flavouring agent is strong, then a quantum of 5% is more than enough.

Next, go with the base

The base shall be the content in which the other items will be added. The ratio in most cases shall be either 50/50 ratio or 80/20 ratio depending on the viscosity of the juice that you are expecting and the next step will be to put them together.

Steep it:

Though you can very well stop with the previous step, steeping will add better taste to the juice. It is at the option of the person who prepares the e-juice.