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If you are a hardcore smoker, you might need a pack for every couple of months. Take a look at our vape juice packs. They are quite affordable.


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The best part about smoking vapours is that you can get them in a lot of flavours that you don't get to enjoy in normal cigarettes. We prepare a lot of flavours that you can hardly imagine!
Don't get confused as to why we say beverages. This is because you can get vape juice in the flavour of your favourite beverages, be it coffee or green tea. Exciting, isn't it?
If you are not too much of an experimental person, then you can go with the normal tobacco flavour. You will never have to give up the addiction, but then you are making your habit less harmful.
This is one flavour that almost all our clients love, and they keep running out of stock quite often. If you smoke vape but haven't tried it in the menthol flavour, then try it out now!

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